Radiation Wrap Up

Well it's another one for the books, another check in an important box and the Breast Cancer Crisis T0-Do list is getting smaller. Radiation is done and my skin is on the rebound. The angry, purple/red burns are turning into a perfectly symmetrical square tan and the peeling means healing. I was at the cancer... Continue Reading →

Burn Baby Burn

There's a disco inferno inside my shirt. With 24 radiation treatments in the books and only 4 to go, the left side of my chest is starting to look like I belong in the California Raisins. My skin is a mix of pink, red and super angry purple and the colour forms a perfect square... Continue Reading →

Radiation Lubrication

Call me Jennifer Aniston. No, I'm not wearing denim overalls with the most popular hairstyle of the 90's and hanging with my pals at Central Perk, I'm living and breathing Aveeno. Every day when I go to radiation the only question I am asked more than "what is your birthday?" is "are you moisturizing lots?... Continue Reading →

Maury Povich & Radiation Begins

Near the end of summer I was called to go out to Abbotsford to receive genetic testing to detect hereditary cancers. My oncologist sent me because he had been concerned that, along with being young, I didn't have a history of breast cancer in my family and there was no indication as to why I... Continue Reading →

To Zap or Not to Zap

One thing I haven't shared yet (I know, you're shocked because I've shared/overshared everything up until this point) is my consultation with the Radiation Oncologist. The way it was explained to me early on is that each doctor I see is one piece of my cancer team - my Cancer Squad, if you will and... Continue Reading →

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