Cause and Effect

It's been over a year since I have written a post here which seems crazy after all of the rapid fire posts in the course of a year and a half. But the truth is, I haven't had any significant (cancer related) stuff to talk about, nothing that would warrant an entire post anyways and... Continue Reading →

I Had Cancer but Cancer Didn’t Have Me

Technically I have been cancer free for an entire year. 365 whole days. Holy eff. April 1, 2016 was the double mastectomy that turned out NOT to be the world's most elaborate April Fool's joke ever. To the patient it feels like the end of all of your treatment would be the milestone that signifies being cancer free... Continue Reading →

Weathering the Storm

As the year winds down (when it feels like we might have accidentally reached in the dark corners of our closet and put on our 'skinny' pants when in actuality we are wearing our stretchiest fat pants) we start to see shows like "2016 Celebrity Scandals" and "Top 100 Sports Fails" on TV and we... Continue Reading →

Real Time Talk & Cancer Club Meetings

Warning: Post lacking in jokes and funniness ahead.  I ran into a friend last week who I haven't seen since I stopped working and who is going through her own version of this nightmare. We chatted for a few minutes having an impromptu "Cancer Club" meeting and it felt incredibly refreshing to talk candidly with someone... Continue Reading →

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Now that my hair is proving that a little toxic Taxol can't stop it from sprouting with a vengeance, I am no longer being mistaken for a hairless cat or a potato. Great news! But, as the hair grows back I am forced to reveal that I have spent about 12 years pretending that my... Continue Reading →

Nursin’ Ain’t Easy

A lot of people rag on Canada's health care system and like any system there are of course things that can be better and changes that could be made. Up until March 2016 I wasn't one to have a huge opinion on the matter because I am generally a pretty healthy person with maybe a... Continue Reading →

Your changing body 

These last few months are doing quite a number on my already less than pristine temple. Surgery, recovery, chemo, steroids (don't worry, not the Jose Canseco or Alex Rodriguez type) and inactivity due to all of the above wrecks havoc on all of your insides and outsides. So, in attempting to "own" everything about this... Continue Reading →


As a little kid I remember opening Christmas gifts and my mom saying, "go say thank you and give a hug and a kiss". Regardless of whether I LOVED the gift or embarassingly tolerated opening "day of the week" underwear in front of my whole family I always said thank you followed by a hug... Continue Reading →

Insane in the chest drain

I know I spoke briefly in the Glossary of Terms about the drains that I have been carrying around for the last 11 days but I feel as though they are annoying enough to warrant a full post. The drain tubes start somewhere inside my chest and are about 2 feet long with clear, plastic... Continue Reading →

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