Insane in the chest drain

I know I spoke briefly in the Glossary of Terms about the drains that I have been carrying around for the last 11 days but I feel as though they are annoying enough to warrant a full post. The drain tubes start somewhere inside my chest and are about 2 feet long with clear, plastic... Continue Reading →

A Glossary of Terms

There's lots of words and terminologies that come with every new situation and in the last few weeks there have been a whole host of new words to learn, or sometimes even old words with new meanings. I thought I would list a few now and probably add to this list as the...(not going to... Continue Reading →

A day of firsts and lasts

In a regular old work week when Friday rolls around I couldn't be happier to see work in the rear view mirror and a cold beer up ahead. Get me out of my closet sized office and away from the sound of screaming 4 years olds that's behind a door inches from my face (literally).... Continue Reading →

In the beginning 

In the beginning it was fall 2015. One of my favourite times of year with cozy clothes, changing leaves and Halloween. At some point during the fun fall thing there was also a lump. I WebMD'd the hell out of that lump. To the point where WebMD told me that I probably had MS, Lupus and... Continue Reading →

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