A day of firsts and lasts

In a regular old work week when Friday rolls around I couldn’t be happier to see work in the rear view mirror and a cold beer up ahead. Get me out of my closet sized office and away from the sound of screaming 4 years olds that’s behind a door inches from my face (literally). In fact Some days the screaming from the daycare is so loud that I have to sit in my car in the parking lot to have a phone conversation. But today was my last day of work and I kept wanting to come up with reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t leave yet. Send one last email, tidy up a bit more and chat with the kids that are hanging out in the lobby cheating at Uno.

But I had to go. It had to be my last. And I had to leave all the stuff I have been working on in the incredibly capable hands of my team. It’s going to be impossibly hard to not be there every day surrounded by some of the best people I know…and it’s not because I’m a control freak (I am) and need to have my hand in all the work, but it’s because I want to be there to watch all the stuff we work on come together and see the staff grow. So it was hard to walk out the door and drive away but I have to have a last day of work in order to have a first day of fighting the ninja assassins that are living in my chest.

Friday the fight begins for realsies and I’ll be looking forward to seeing it all in reverse with a last day for fighting followed by a first day back at work.


I actually did tidy up today after I took this picture, i swear


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