Radiation Lubrication

Call me Jennifer Aniston. No, I’m not wearing denim overalls with the most popular hairstyle of the 90’s and hanging with my pals at Central Perk, I’m living and breathing Aveeno. Every day when I go to radiation the only question I am asked more than “what is your birthday?” is “are you moisturizing lots? What kind of lotion do you use?”  Aveeno. So much Aveeno.

10 treatments down, 15 to go and I will keep the Aveeno going strong as I am starting to notice some colouring changes in my skin. Some parts are looking more tanned than the usual Casper the friendly ghost stark whiteness that I usually have in December. I am also Noticing some tightness in my armpit, almost like tight muscles but a little different, hard to explain. Also, I am starting to feel a little tired for a couple of hours once I leave radiation but I can’t really tell if the fatigue is from not getting enough sleep, being super busy with Christmas craziness or the radiation, or a combo. I guess we will see as the weeks continue.

It is  a bit of a pain to go every day always at different times (yesterday was at 3:20pm and today was 8am) but it’s all done so quick that it’s not too bad. It actually probably takes me longer to park, walk downstairs to the radiation areas and change into my gowns than the actual treatment itself. The turnaround from parking the car to getting back in the car is usually no more than 20min. And, Just like the nurses in the chemo room, everyone that works downstairs is super nice and although I’m only in there for a few minutes they always seem to remember and ask me about something that we had talked about the day or 2 prior.

On a different note, my hair continues to grow back and is pretty damn grey. So grey that a cashier today asked how my hairdresser managed to get this colour and went beet red in the face when I told her it was natural. I say again, thank God grey is in right now.  I’ve officially had 2 haircuts but to be honest, they were more like half of a haircut each. In fact, my hairdresser only charged me for a half of a haircut last time. Why? Well the back and sides (read: mullet region) have grown way faster than the top. And unless I’m going to be buying tickets for the monster truck rally in my cut off denim White Snake vest, I need to keep the mullet region under control. Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY at the Tacomadome! Buy tickets now to secure your seats…even though you’ll only need the edge! It’s been a few weeks since my last cut, I might need to make an appointment…

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