I’ve got those Back to School Blues

You know that feeling when you were a kid and you started to see the Back to School commercials on TV? There was that Staples Office Supplies one with “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” playing in the background while some incredibly jovial parents skipped down the stationary aisles grabbing pencil crayons and duotangs off the shelves. Your mom and dad would laugh and you would try not to give them the satisfaction of seeing the disappointment in your face. The dread sets in at the thought of your fun and exciting summer coming to a screeching halt and you start planning how you’re going to spend every last dying second before going back to school.

Yesterday morning a chipper nurse from the Cancer Agency called to give me my time for Thursday’s next round of chemo and all of a sudden there was the “back to school” dread settled deep in my stomach. Damn it. Already? How did the time go so quickly? I should have done more, why didn’t I do more? There they were, all the same feelings that I used to get around the time the opening day at the PNE.

So on Thursday (June 23), just like years ago on the Tuesday after Labour Day, I am going to whine, complain and have a nervous tummy. And then I’m going to show up and go back to chemo.

One thought on “I’ve got those Back to School Blues

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  1. Sending you good karma for tomorrow
    (🙇) there are very few good karma emojis….I see a real opportunity for me to make my mark in the world here….


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